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The DPU MSc ESD/OVERDUE Learning Alliance was established in 2021/22 to support pathways towards gender equality and just sanitation across urban Africa. This translocal learning alliance brings together the DPU’s MSc Environment and Sustainable Development with partners from seven African cities: Abidjan, Ivory Coast (GEPALEF); Antananarivo, Madagascar (SiMIRALENTA/GeA); Beira, Mozambique (Austral Consultoria and FACE); Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (CFCEM/GA); Freetown, Sierra Leone (SLURC and FEDURP); Mwanza, Tanzania (Ardhi University and CCI); Saint-Louis, Senegal (OGDS).

The Learning Alliance builds upon the action-research project ‘OVERDUE: Tackling the sanitation taboo across urban Africa’, which seeks to:
  1. reframe sanitation across urban Africa by unpacking the historical and colonial narratives that underpin the sanitation taboo;
  2. produce actionable knowledge based on a re-evaluation of sanitation experiences, practices and investments;
  3. take stock of ongoing experimentation towards gender equitable sanitation and foster regional dialogue and advocacy.
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Land and Tenure Security
Sanitation Workers
Public and Communal Toilets
Closing The Loop
Social Norms and Bylaws
Grassroots financing mechanisms
Simplified Sewerage Systems
Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
Antananarivo (Madagascar)
Beira (Mozambique)
Bukavu (DRC)
Freetown (Sierra Leone)
Mwanza (Tanzania)
Saint-Louis (Senegal)
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Blog Post
Policy Briefs
Human Waste: Fertile Ground for Change
No Tenant Left Behind
Shifting Sanitation Realities
Work, Not Duty
Blog Post
It’s time we unveil the hidden everyday experiences
Blog Post
The invisible burden of care work: women as producers of sanitation infrastructures
Blog Post
Unlocking collective trauma
Blog Post
The temporality and plurality of sustainability
Blog Post
We know your problem, and we’re going to fix it
Blog Post
Beyond the mango tree: An exploration and reflection on women, care and sanitation in Kigoto
Policy Briefs
Policy Brief
Closing the loop
Policy Brief
Keep the pot cooking
Policy Brief
Simplified Sewerage Systems
The DPU MSc ESD/OVERDUE Learning Alliance was established by Adriana Allen and Rita Lambert from The Bartlett Development Planning Unit-UCL in collaboration with Julia Wesely and Mariajosé Nieto as well as OVERDUE partners and team members engaging from Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Antananarivo (Madagascar), Beira (Mozambique); Bukavu (Democratic Republic of Congo), Freetown (Sierra Leone), Mwanza (Tanzania) and Saint-Louis (Senegal).

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU)

The Institute of Human Settlements Studies at Ardhi University

Centre for Community Initiatives (CCI)

Sierra Leone Urban Research Centre (SLURC)

Federation of Rural and Urban Poor (FEDURP)


Associação Face de Água e Saneamento (FACE)

L’être égale





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